About Us

Welcome to Ely Auto Parts

C. Harold Ely (Hal) started Ely Auto Parts in 1935, in Coalinga, moving it to Tulare in 1936.  The first Tulare location was at 214. E. Inyo Ave, a former fish market.

The store has been owned and operated by three generations of the Ely family for 74 years. First with Hal Ely, then to his step son Richard Worley, and to the current generation, Rich’s daughter Denyse and her husband Matt. Their longevity can be attributed to their warm and friendly, unique brand of personal service.

Denyse remembers walking from Tulare Union High School after school to the office. During her high school years she remembers working on the “Dusty Storage Racks.” From there she would find a part number, and hand count the inventory.

But today, Ely Auto Parts doesn’t look like a mom-and-pop shop anymore. But they still have that quintessential Tulare spirit, and are proud to independently owned and operated by local professionals.